A year of snow, a year of plenty

The 2020 wines are already resting in the barrel, refining and educating themselves under the tutelage of our selection of barrels, with 8 different cooperages that help us to outline the best version of each soil and each wine, which begins to show the energy and fullness of our tempranillo variety.

The coldest period

The autumn-winter period has been colder than other years and not very rainy. With the arrival of 2021, temperatures dropped as they had not for years, registering here down to 11ºC below zero in mid-January. This cold is actually really good for the health of the vineyard because it eliminates many microorganisms that remain latent either in the vineyard or in the soil that can quickly reproduce, affecting the health of the grape or the same plant when conditions favor them. By having less quantity of this microbiota, the vines are less likely to have diseases if conditions are favorable. As you know, for years we have been trying to be more and more respectful with the vineyard, being forced to stay alert regarding the vine’s health.

January snow

In addition to the cold temperatures, January brought us a great snowfall as it had not fallen for years, which makes us optimistic for this vintage 2021. The snow, when thawing, slowly releases water which is assimilated by the ground and nourishes in a really efficient way its water reserves. The difference with the rain is that, although they are also very necessary and positive for the vineyard, their contribution is more immediate and allows less time to the soil for the water to penetrate its structure, sometimes causing damage to the soils due to runoff, wasting great part of it.

Pruning the vine

The winter vine pruning (or dry pruning) in the vineyards, has been already completed during these weeks, and this is the first action on the quality of the future wine. Reducing the production of buds and renewing in some cases parts of the plant, the sage runs easier inside its vascular structure, better ripening its bunches. The next work in the vineyard will be the green pruning.

Luckily, in the Ribera del Duero, the almond trees are already blooming, a true spectacle that every year captivates us with its beauty. The spring’s prelude, that will surely bring us good news in all aspects.


Enrique Andrades
Technical Director

Bodegas Resalte