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After these difficult months that have forced us to remain home, we wanted to refresh an interesting interview from the last trip we made to Mexico. Luis Neri who is in charge as food and beverage Manager at one of the most exclusive and well known hotels in the city, Live Aqua Resort. In fact the visit was worthy, because of the beauty of the place and great attention received.


How long have you been working for this hotel chain? 

I’ve been working for 8 years and I expect many more years because it’s a great place to work and they offer a good career.

What is your current position ? 

Food and beverage manager.

What can you tell us about the hotel’s gastronomic offer?

We have a big diversity of fusion food from around the world and this is well represented in our 2 restaurants: Spice Market and Zibu Allende.

Where is the hotel situated?

It is located at the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende, 1 hour away from Querétaro and 2 hours from León. For me, this city is not only beautiful for its architecture and culture, but it also has a high-level gastronomic diversity with good restaurants, service and renowned chefs.

Luis, what do you think about the wines that we have presented?

Being produced with the same grape variety, Tempranillo, I well notice how one of each wine that you presented to me has got a well-defined personality without losing quality.

What kind of food would each of the wines pair with?

Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada  – Goat cheese salad
Resalte Crianza – Grilled octopus
Resalte Expression- Short Rib with Jaral de Berros
Gran Resalte- Slow Cooking Short Ribs with
Marrow Marinated with Octopus and garlic.

At Resalte we are sure a glass of wine, after a hard day of work relaxes body and mind, how do you get relaxed ?  

I have children therefore it’s hard to be relaxed, but after they go to bed I usually spend some time reading, and regarding wine I prefer to drink accompanied by people.

Thank you, Luis, for your time and we wish you enjoyed the wines.

Thank you very much Sergio, for instructing me with these great wines and I hope to see you around here soon.

Sergio Nieto(Export Sales Manager)

In Resalte we are sure that the small details make the difference. During the winemaking process, not only count to look for an excelence raw material with excellent quality, where we dedicate all our efforts, but there is also a long work from the transformation of the grape, the racking, the aging in barrels that implies the maximum dedication to obtain a top quality product in all aspects.

One of these aspects, which for us is of vital importance, is undoubtedly the Cork test that we carry out in the cellar. Yes, you read correctly: Cork test.

For a few years we have developed a purchasing protocol for all the closures of our wines. This is nothing more than specific specifications that we want every cork meets.

On it we refer to a specific density, a visual aspect or among many other things, the analysis of the surface treatment is correct and you do not have to call the Incredible Hulk to open the bottle.

But one of the most sensitive things for us is the possible defective aromatic contribution that a contaminated cork could give to wine, which are aromas produced by natural microbiological activity in the field itself. Let us remember that the cork closure is a natural, sustainable product that is removed from the cork oak (Quercus Suber L.), at least every 10 years, a very common tree typical of Spain and Portugal.

Because it is a natural product, the closure is a critical point when bottling a wine, since the glass is completely neutral and the wine before bottling we already know that it is in perfect condition.

The test of Corks consists of placing a sample of 150 corks in glass jars with lids individually, we add 5 ml of bidistilled water in each one and we allow them to macerate for 24 hours at 25ºC. After this, the technical team reviews the aroma of each bottle one by one and we make a report.

If the sample is correct (aromatically clean), meets the technical requirements and passes the test, the purchase is made to the corresponding cork company. We do this before confirming the purchases and once again when the corks are in the warehouse marked with our name. If any of the two tastings aromas that could damage the wine are detected, that order is rejected. In addition for Expresión, Gran Resalte and Essences we contract a high cost one by one analysis service to further reduce any possible inconvenience.

Only this year we are going to test more than 4,000 corks so when you open a bottle of Resalte you fully enjoy a wine that we know will not disappoint you.


Enrique Andrades
Technical Director

Bodegas Resalte

During the Madrid Enofusión fair held on January 13th and 14th, 2020, Bodegas Resalte participated in the exclusive area of TopWine Spain. Only the most representative wineries in Spain, selected by the famous journalist and wine critic from the newspaper El País, Carlos Delgado, were exhibited there.

In Carlos Delgado’s own words, this selection reflects “our impressive climatic variety, the important heritage of grape varieties, ecological respect, and the very high scientific and technical level of our wineries and winemakers”.

In total there were only 40 wineries in this exclusive area. In our stand we experienced a great event with many people interested in the new vintages and eager to learn about both the history of the winery and the wines.

More information in the following link


8 Essences Cuvée nº1 is the first wine from Resalte without a vintage.

We have rescued a very old tradition that combines balance and synergy between different vintages, which together achieve greater complexity and harmony.
The 2011, 2012 and 2016 vintages have been used to make this wine, all of which are of the highest quality, with each contributing different virtues:

2011 was powerful, mature and solid.
2012 was elegant, complex and balanced.
2016 was fresh, fruity and mineral.

This quest for excellence begins in the vineyard, producing only the best of each year separately.
A mythical wine, which can be drunk today and within the next 30 years, within which it will evolve in complexity and nuances.

Check more about this wine here

A year with a limited production but of a very high quality, typical of mythical vintages.
From the beginning of the cycle the vineyard already showed signs that we could be looking at a vintage of very high quality: loose bunches, small berries  and extreme healthy.
September started fresh which made the plant rest, leaving the stress caused by the drought and the high temperatures of August, preserving the acidity and enhancing the load in colour and aromas, a slow ripening end, something really exceptional.
The harvest began in Resalte on  September 28th in the area of Peñafiel and ended on October 12th in Baños de Valdearados, one of the coolest and highest areas. 15 splendid days of harvesting in which weather was perfect. The harvest was carried out slowly, waiting for the ideal maturity in each plot. This was the first that we  used of a cold room, which allowed us to put the grapes at only 5 º temperature. In this way the grapes suffer even less from processing and we began a cold maceration a few hours after being harvested in the field.
Once the wines were made, we noticed that the potential seen in the vineyard was clearly there: elegance, complexity, balance, great fruitiness, as well as power and finesse in the tannins as a fundamental characteristic.
The malolactic fermentation, which occurs spontaneously and naturally, is carried out in new barrels, and once finished, the wines are ready to begin their aging in the barrel.


Enrique Andrades
Technical Director

Bodegas Resalte