Harvest 2019

A year with a limited production but of a very high quality, typical of mythical vintages.
From the beginning of the cycle the vineyard already showed signs that we could be looking at a vintage of very high quality: loose bunches, small berries  and extreme healthy.
September started fresh which made the plant rest, leaving the stress caused by the drought and the high temperatures of August, preserving the acidity and enhancing the load in colour and aromas, a slow ripening end, something really exceptional.
The harvest began in Resalte on  September 28th in the area of Peñafiel and ended on October 12th in Baños de Valdearados, one of the coolest and highest areas. 15 splendid days of harvesting in which weather was perfect. The harvest was carried out slowly, waiting for the ideal maturity in each plot. This was the first that we  used of a cold room, which allowed us to put the grapes at only 5 º temperature. In this way the grapes suffer even less from processing and we began a cold maceration a few hours after being harvested in the field.
Once the wines were made, we noticed that the potential seen in the vineyard was clearly there: elegance, complexity, balance, great fruitiness, as well as power and finesse in the tannins as a fundamental characteristic.
The malolactic fermentation, which occurs spontaneously and naturally, is carried out in new barrels, and once finished, the wines are ready to begin their aging in the barrel.


Enrique Andrades
Technical Director

Bodegas Resalte