It’s harvest time at Bodegas Resalte

Let the show begin!

Harvest 2020 just started at Resalte. Deciding kick off date is not an easy task. Every year we try to do our best in order to improve our wines, and although we only have one opportunity to make them better every year, the expertise that we have been accumulating in our 20 years of history helps us a lot.

In total, we have traveled more than 3,000 km between our vineyards, which are spread over around 80 plots in 20 different towns in Ribera del Duero area. We have collected a lot of samples ,on which we have carried out about 2,800 different analytics. All with the purpose of identifying the most suitable grape for each plot and its optimal harvest time.

The vineyard cycle has been good. A generous spring with rains that put us on alert to monitor the mildew (a pest that affects the vine), which has finally been fully controlled. Most of the plots are being maintained ecologically and in these cases prevention is a fundamental task. An intense and dry summer, with only a few storms, caused the cycle to get ahead a few days, showing perhaps a little water stress in the last days. However, mid-September rains have been responsible for compensating that drought by unlocking the plants to end up with a very interesting maturity.

Viñedo viejo We are starting with some plots of our Vendimia Seleccionada to keep that freshness that characterizes it so much, and right after we will continue with the more aged wines. Harvest is done manually and the grapes are cooled down to 5ºC before being completely destemmed. By doing this, we minimize the impact of the process on the quality. In addition, we preserve it from possible oxidation with the help of the dry ice that is introduced into the mobile tank that is used for gravity transfers.

Now everything has been well studied in order to obtain the best wine from each vineyard, its best version on this year 2020. We are really excited that you will be able to enjoy these wines in a few years from now, in as normal as possible situation after such a complicated year.


Finally: a surprise.
A new wine is coming to join the Resalte family. We cannot reveal more details yet. Bringing out a new wine burdens us with responsibility, but it also fills us with enthusiasm. We are starting a new path of demand and improvement, and we are enjoying it. We will reveal details of this new wine step by step in our Newsletters and social media, so stay tuned!

We hope that you are all well, and that you continue enjoying our wines as much as we enjoy making them.

Enrique Andrades
Technical Director