In Bodegas Resalte the wines begin its elaboration in the vineyard.

The rigor and the work that must be done in each of the vineyards is essential to enhance certain qualities and qualities: it is the decisive decision to create a great wine.


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How to choose the right wine glass

The glass for red wine is a vitally important tool in tasting, because it will reveal its personality, enhancing or diminishing both its virtues and defects. The amount of oxygen that reaches it and the way in which it releases the volatile…
barrica de vino

Gran Reserva and Crianza: types of wine according to their classification.

As wine lovers, all of us used to believe that a Gran Reserva is always better than a Crianza. However, that rule of thumb is not unbreakable and we are explaining why.     TYPES…
Añadas vino

Ribera del Duero vintages: All you need to know

For any wine lover or regular consumer, the vintages qualification of his favorite wine region (hopefully Ribera del Duero), is an an added value when deciding to buy a wine from a specific vintage. With this article, we want to explain what…

A year of snow, a year of plenty

The 2020 wines are already resting in the barrel, refining and educating themselves under the tutelage of our selection of barrels, with 8 different cooperages that help us to outline the best version of each soil and each wine, which begins…