Torre de Peñafiel, a small village in Ribera del Duero

Our tireless search of unique vineyards from distinguished villages began more than 10 years ago, then we found Torre de Peñafiel. A very small village from Ribera del Duero with only 40 inhabitants, calcareous soils and plateaus above 900 m.

Plateaus from Torre de Peñafiel

Plateaus from Torre de Peñafiel have become very popular and many wineries have produced wines from this spot. Resalte was one of the first wineries from Ribera del Duero, 12 years ago, committed to elaborate wines exclusively made from high altitude estates.

The elevation at Torre de Peñafiel reaches more than 1.000m at some places, like in Fuentenebro. That means one of the highest vineyard altitudes from the North Hemisphere. There, the vegetative cycle is longer than usual, due to fewer hours of sunlight and a greater fluctuation between day-night temperatures.

Vineyards from Torre de Peñafiel

As a consequence of the characteristics of those plateaus and the weather at Torre de Peñafiel, the aromatic profile of our vineyards is enhanced. Furthermore, soils are very poor, with high hydric stress and great ventilation which result in low yields, great natural health and keep vines safe from diseases like fungus.

Another peculiarity of these plateaus is its white calcareous soil. This color prevents the heat to be absorbed on the ground, thus the ripeness process is slow and keeps an outstanding balance between acidity and alcohol. Calcareous soils bring elegance and roundness to our wines, while the altitude brings freshness and a charming floral aromatic pr

Viñedos Torre de Peñafiel

Resalte Vendimia Seleccionada is our most fresh and versatile wines. It is always made from our estates at Torre de Peñafiel, Manzanillo and Fuentenebro. These terroirs are key for this fresh, fine and vertical wine. How expressive is on the nose and how easy-to-drink will surprise you, resulting in a very versatile wine to be paired with any recipe, from the very traditional to those more exotic. An Atlantic wine which will not disappoint.

With the intention not to interfere with this high-altitude Tempranillo, we researched the best way to bring all its potential out. Finally, French oak barrels of 500 liters were chosen to keep the wine aging for 12 months. This way, the wine is rounded without losing that aromatic, fresh and Atlantic profile. Barrels help to fine and harmonize the wine, gathering incredible reviews and being a very appreciated wine among consumer due to its extraordinary quality-price ration. A wine to drink now or keep for some years.

Where is Torre de Peñafiel located?

This tiny village is part of Valladolid province, specifically the Campo de Peñafiel region. It distance to Peñafiel, the most known town of this region, is only 10 kilometers. Also, it is located 64 kilometers from the capital and 50 kilometers from Aranda de Duero. The name of the town comes from the Middle Ages, when there was a watchtower in the Peñafiel pass to the south of the Duero river. The town is formed by the union of the populations of the old town of La Torre de Peñafiel and Molpeceres. It is built on a hillside, and at its exit towards its plateaus, there is an area full of underground cellars. Traditionally, its inhabitants made homemade wine there to be consumed during the year. There is also the site of “La Cañadilla”, still not studied in depth, which contains Roman ceramics and where materials from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic have even been identified.

Torre de Peñafiel

What to see in Torre de Peñafiel?

If we ever visit this small village, the first thing we can spot is the Church of San Andrés, located in the highest part of the hillside. Inside, there is a main altarpiece, the figure of a Saint Andrew from the 18th century and a Christ from the 17th century. It can be visited by an appointment with the town council. Although it currently lacks one, in the past it had a tower that was replaced by a brick belfry in the 18th century.

From the hillside of the Torre de Peñafiel church, we can have perfect views of the Duratón river and its valleys. Strolling through the streets of Torre de Peñafiel, we will observe the typical construction of its houses, stone made.

Festivities in Torre de Peñafiel

In this village of the Ribera del Duero, San Andrés is celebrated on November 30th. The weather in Torre de Peñafiel during the autumn months is quite cold, so the Town Hall invites the inhabitants to a dinner to celebrate together. During the summer, specifically on the first week of August, they have the feast of San Antonio. During that weekend, the atmosphere of party and joy floods the streets of Torre de Peñafiel thanks to its festivals and games.


Enrique Andrades
Technical Director
Bodegas Resalte