In Bodegas Resalte the wines begin its elaboration in the vineyard.

The rigor and the work that must be done in each of the vineyards is essential to enhance certain qualities and qualities: it is the decisive decision to create a great wine.


Wine tanks

Concrete tanks for our wine

Resalte is strongly committed with the improvement and development of the quality of our wines, trying to be at the avantgarde. Throughout the last years, the elaboration of different plots in open barrels has been investigated and that has…
floracion vid

Veraison, blooming and fruit setting: phenological stages of the vine

The vineyard does not leave a second of respite and each work is important in the manner and in the execution time. A task well done, but at the wrong time is no longer so good, affecting the phenological stages of the vine. For this reason,…

Wine Racking

Racking is to pour a wine from one container into another, taking the clear wine away from sediments produced during fermentation or originated after some months of ageing into oak barrels. Importance of wine racking Racking is a key work…
torre de peñafiel

Torre de Peñafiel, a small village in Ribera del Duero

Our tireless search of unique vineyards from distinguished villages began more than 10 years ago, then we found Torre de Peñafiel. A very small village from Ribera del Duero with only 40 inhabitants, calcareous soils and plateaus above 900…