The vineyard is supervised throughout the year, with continuous manual work of dry pruning, green pruning, cluster thinning and manual harvesting.

The grape harvest is the most exciting and vitally important moment. It is therefore crucial to determine the exact day on which the grapes express their full potential and must therefore be harvested. Throughout the year, the technical department monitors the evolution of the vineyard to define the necessary viticultural work. It is in August, once veraison begins, when we make daily visits to our vineyards to monitor the state of each one and, once September has begun, we carry out on-site tastings to determine the degree of ripeness, as well as taking samples of bunches to analyze in the laboratory and determine the precise date of harvest.

The harvest usually begins between the end of September and the beginning of October. 15 frenetic days in which the weather is a determining factor and in which all our grapes are harvested by hand, making a first selection of bunches and placing them carefully in small boxes to prevent the grapes from being crushed and to preserve them from oxidation.
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