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Wine Racking

Racking is to pour a wine from one container into another, taking the clear wine away from sediments produced during fermentation or originated after some months of ageing into oak barrels. Importance of wine racking Racking is a key work at a winery, it has to be done in the right moment and in a […]

Torre de Peñafiel, a small village in Ribera del Duero

Our tireless search of unique vineyards from distinguished villages began more than 10 years ago, then we found Torre de Peñafiel. A very small village from Ribera del Duero with only 40 inhabitants, calcareous soils and plateaus above 900 m. Plateaus from Torre de Peñafiel Plateaus from Torre de Peñafiel have become very popular and […]

How to choose the right wine glass

The glass for red wine is a vitally important tool in tasting, because it will reveal its personality, enhancing or diminishing both its virtues and defects. The amount of oxygen that reaches it and the way in which it releases the volatile compounds that we will perceive in our nose, and how the wine reaches our […]

Ribera del Duero vintages: All you need to know

For any wine lover or regular consumer, the vintages qualification of his favorite wine region (hopefully Ribera del Duero), is an an added value when deciding to buy a wine from a specific vintage. With this article, we want to explain what this qualification of Spanish wines consists of and why the vintage should be merely […]

A year of snow, a year of plenty

The 2020 wines are already resting in the barrel, refining and educating themselves under the tutelage of our selection of barrels, with 8 different cooperages that help us to outline the best version of each soil and each wine, which begins to show the energy and fullness of our tempranillo variety. The coldest period The […]

Origen de Resalte 2017, reviewed in “El País Viajero”

Just a few days before the end of the year, and our wines continue receiving excellent ratings from national and international critics. On this occasion, it has been the publication “El País Viajero” in its January 2021 edition that has included our Origen de Resalte 2017 in its article “Luxury sips at adjusted prices”, a […]

Gran Resalte 2014 launches its new image

Resalte turns 20 years old, and what better way to celebrate it than by completing the renewal of our Resalte range. During all these years we have traveled a long but exciting path to offer innovative and structured wines, enjoying the international recognition obtained. Today, we introduce the new image of our Gran Resalte 2014: solemn, […]

It’s harvest time at Bodegas Resalte

Let the show begin! Harvest 2020 just started at Resalte. Deciding kick off date is not an easy task. Every year we try to do our best in order to improve our wines, and although we only have one opportunity to make them better every year, the expertise that we have been accumulating in our […]

Interview with Luis Neri, manager at Live Aqua Resort Mexico

After these difficult months that have forced us to remain home, we wanted to refresh an interesting interview from the last trip we made to Mexico. Luis Neri who is in charge as food and beverage Manager at one of the most exclusive and well known hotels in the city, Live Aqua Resort. In fact the visit was worthy, because […]