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Wine bottling

Wine bottling is the end of the road of its production process, the last stage in which the winemaker can interfere. Once bottled, the wine goes through a slow but […]

Must-see movies for wine lovers

In the cinema, special places are often used to frame the story that is being told. For this reason, it is usual to develop plots of love between vineyards, with […]

Ribera del Duero DO

Surely more than once you have heard or read some news in which the Ribera del Duero Regulatory Council is mentioned, and it is likely that you have wondered what […]


2021 harvest at Resalte vineyards

The 2021 grape harvest was close to perfection. Mythical vintages are those in which the cycle is so long that they are on the verge of disaster. It seems that […]

Concrete tanks for our wine

Resalte is strongly committed with the improvement and development of the quality of our wines, trying to be at the avantgarde. Throughout the last years, the elaboration of different plots […]